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The result is a slender and beautiful laptop that is easier to carry around. Of course, mobility is dependent on the model. The inch model is as thin as the earlier generations of ultrabook laptops although it is thicker when compared against MacBook Air and newer generations of ultrabook devices and laptop-tablet hybrids. The inch model is relatively bulky. However, for a machine that has the performance capabilities of a desktop computer, particularly a Mac desktop computer, it is considerably light and mobile. Both the inch and the inch models of the MacBook Pro with Retina remain thin and light for a professional-level portable computer device.

Stunning high definition display thanks to the Retina: The MacBook Pro with Retina has one of the best screen displays in the market. Since its introduction, the Retina display has been a key selling proposition and differentiation. And the product lives up beyond the marketing hype. This high pixel density produces extremely crisps images with smooth curves and sharp fine prints. Creative professionals such as graphic artists, photo editors, and video editors can take advantage of the finer and close-to-accurate details of images and videos generated by the Retina display.

Business professionals and writers who spend countless of hours in front of their computers can find comfort in using MacBook Pro with Retina. The high pixel density and bright display mean less eyestrain. There are several reasons why macOS is better than Windows.

One is that macOS is less susceptible to viruses and malware unlike Windows—although this does not mean that the operating system is completely resilient from any security risks and attacks. Another reason is that the system interface gives a simple yet powerful user experience. Those who are familiar with the interface of iOS found in iPhone and iPad will find Mac OS somewhat similar—especially when it comes to installing and using apps.

There is also a seamless integration between the macOS and iOS. This makes switching between devices hassle-free. A user can start a task using an iOS device and continue it using their Mac computer without the need to synchronise the two devices using a cloud-based drive such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

Apple is both a software developer and a device manufacturer.

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This means that Apple has optimised the macOS to work seamlessly with all of its hardware components. It also ensures that all hardware components work hand-in-hand and the overall operation is efficient and effective. The problem with PC manufacturers is that they merely assemble hardware components from various original equipment manufacturers.

This results in lesser efficiency. With minimal security risks, easy to use interface, and optimised software-hardware operations, macOS essentially offers a more straightforward approach to computing. Multitasking feature like no other: Another noteworthy feature of macOS is multitasking. While switching using shortcut keys is also possible in Windows computers, macOS has a richer feature that centres on easy navigability. Unlike Windows, macOS allows multiple desktops.

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  8. No more cluttered desktop! Perhaps, the first desktop might run all apps pertaining to productivity while the second desktop might run apps for media consumption. Think of this as having numerous workspaces. Switching between desktops is possible through shortcut keys or with track-pad or mouse gestures. Better battery performance compared to most laptops: Battery performance is critical to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Most laptops in the market can only last four to six hours. This is quite short considering the usual amount of time needed to accomplish a work.

    The inch model of the MacBook Pro with Retina is capable of lasting for up to 10 hours of battery life while the inch model has a battery capacity of 9 hours. Decent hardware specifications is one of the advantages of MacBook Pro with Retina. The base inch model has a 2. The difference between the base and next higher version of the inch model is the internal storage capacity—except for the highest version that comes with a 2.

    Pros and cons of owning a MacBook Pro with Retina | Version Daily

    On the other hand, the base inch has a 2. Also, the difference between the base and higher version of the inch model is the internal storage capacity, 2. Compared to a traditional hard drive that uses a spinning disk as a medium of storage, the solid-state drive has no movable parts. This makes the device more mobile as carrying around would not run the risk of data loss due to damaged internal storage. Though there are few complaints about MacBook keyboard issues still there are many who loves it.

    The unique touch bar allows you more space for the other keys. Though the new layout may take time to get used to, it is really appreciated as the keys are not loud. Now there is a little twist, which may again be considered as a con by some people. The new MacBook Air does not have touch sensitivity display; instead, they have provided an increased model of the trackpad with 4.

    There is a small sensor that turns your fingerprint into a password. Here Touch ID is not only used to unlock your MacBook Air but it is also used to protect your documents and other settings in your computer. Even people who are doing online shopping through Apple Pay can use this fingerprint sensor to confirm the payment. The new MacBook Air is extremely lightweight and weighs just 1. Among all the series of MacBook Air, the model has the most durable battery. It provides hours of battery backup.

    Also Read: iPhone 6 Battery Replacement. The sleek look of the new MacBook Air which is just The latest redesigned keyboard creates an exceptional feature which makes the MacBook Air to stand above its competition. Now that we have listed out the pros of MacBook Air, we left out with the cons of the same on our list of pros and cons of MacBook Air.

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    The cons of MacBook Air are completely based on the feedback of Apple users. The slow performance has been one of the biggest drawbacks of the MacBook Air.

    5 Disadvantages of Owning a Mac Computer

    It has been counted as below average when it comes to speed performance. Even several low priced computers have better speed than MacBook Air. Though it is said that the MacBook Air has been designed for casual computing and not for intensive tasks, still it can handle most average tasks easily and smoothly.

    Chromebook vs MacBook vs Windows laptop

    MacBook Air has been launched with some extra unique features and extra features mean higher price. The newest model starts at a cost of Rs. Despite of higher cost, there is not enough storage capacity. If you are a photographer, or you have to store a lot of videos then the space will not be enough for you. But here is the twist, people who use Cloud to store their files, for them, Apple MacBook Air can be a good choice. And still, if you need some extra space you have to opt for an external hard drive. The hardware upgradeability is limited in the new MacBook Air model.

    The memory and the components of the processor are soldered within a single circuit. There is a scope of customization before purchase, but later on, there is no room for memory, processor and storage upgrades. It is not for rigorous users who require larger data and processing capacity. There are many unique features that MacBook Air has come up with for their fans. The price of Apple series is always higher in comparison to all other brands available in the market but has a huge brand value so people who love Apple and have a craze for the brand can definitely go for this.

    Still, there can be several issues that can be faced by you while using your MacBook Air, in which case you can contact the nearest authorized service center. Here is what all should be considered before hiring a MacBook repair expert:. All Apple MacBook series are extremely delicate and sophisticated, though it has a great shelf life, still, users face several issues at times, and to get those issues sorted, you need a reliable and experienced service provider, and Rapid Repair is one of the most well-known service centers for MacBook repair in Delhi NCR.

    So, before you choose the service center to get your MacBook Repair in Delhi makes sure you choose a reputed service center. Rapid Repair is a 3rd party independent service provider for all your high valued products such as MacBook and other Apple products such as the iPhone.