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BT task file list: Torrent maker dialog changed to modeless window GUI Improved: Alternate max upload rate when not downloading GUI Improved: Auto upload rate control GUI Improved: BT task file list in properties dialog and right-bottom pane changes to tree list for directory structure GUI Improved: BT task Anti-Leech setting changes to three levels: GUI Bugfix: When create a task that already existed, Web Interface will displays an webpage link to the existed task Core Improved: Core Improved: Save path of new task will be added into candidate directory list in option dialog automatically.

The directories in list can be pick up easily when add new task.

What to expect when the internet gets a big security upgrade

They are merged into a new designed batch download dialog, which is more convenient. This can be enabled in option dialog. UI language files change from. BitComet resource browser CometBrowser. FireFox extension support FireFox 3.

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HTTP download task do not drop invalid data from out-of-date mirror server, lead to redownload after hash check failure v1. FireFox extension add download video files command to context menu of web page Core Improved: Remove peer GUI Improved: Remove tracker GUI Improved: FireFox extension add download video files command to Tools menu, which can capture video files in webpage.

Refresh button in toolbar of BitComet resource browser does not work Core Improved: BitComet resource browser cannot download video files embedded in webpage after install IE7 v0. HTTP connection logs do not display in version 0. Scheduler will not refresh task list after pause all task GUI Bugfix: HTTP task decrease download rate automatically when disk writing speed much lower than downloading rate Core Bugfix: ED plugin will upload invalid data in some situation Core Bugfix: BT task support uploading to eDonkey network Core Improved: Share ratio of BT task is always 0 if only uploading without any downloading v0.

What to expect when the internet gets a big security upgrade | Network World

WAN IP and network connection status is displayed in status bar of the main window, showing if the listen port is reachable to public domain peers GUI Improved: HTTP download task support video file preview, etc. Add "Move file to Add task catalog manage functions to "download completed" task queue context menu in favorites list GUI Improved: Add task catalog set and locate functions to task list context menu GUI Improved: Improved crash report program, send crash report to server directly instead of using email GUI Bugfix: Remove the old protocol header encryption, add new protocol encryption compatible with Azureus and uTorrent v0.

Possible buffer overflow when opening URL link using external browser. Larg GUI Bugfix: Save location reset to default upon changing encoding method. Thanks ericbo GUI Bugfix: Can not create directory when change priority for running task Thanks maxbkk Core Bugfix: Hash Checking queue does not work Thanks njiayu Core Bugfix: UDP tracker retry interval keeps to be 10s v0.

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Thanks ulion Core Improved: UPnP may can't work with some hardware router thanks btchina for the financial support to buy one Core Bugfix: Senza installare sw aggiuntivo come avevo pensato in precedenza vedi nano, etc Nel dettaglio i passi da seguire per l'applicazione aMule! Seleziona tutto ssh -l admin Seleziona tutto ls -al. Seleziona tutto cp amule. Seleziona tutto chmod amule. Anche nel mio caso il demone non parte in automatico dopo un riavvio del NAS e sono costretto a configurare, ad ogni riavvio, la password.

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Oltretutto nell'inspector di google vedo questi messaggi di errore: Seleziona tutto Failed to load resource: Da log di amule sembra che sia stata compilata senza la versione web server. Seleziona tutto!

Please install the package containing aMule web server, or compile aMule using --enable-webserver and run make install OnInit - starting timer. Seleziona tutto.

No such file or directory. Io uso, ripeto, il pacchetto entware-ng-3x o come cavolo si chiama che mi compilo da solo.

E uso un utente diverso da admin. Non ho l'avvio automatico non me ne faccio una mazza, mi va bene farlo partire tutte le volte , ma comunque non devo fare copie a mano della cartella home.