Install mac os x on pc dual boot windows 7

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Hi guys!

So I wanted this a very long time but dindn't understand it well. My laptop has allready Windows 7 installed and my Main rig Windows 8. When I look up tutorials I only get to view when there isn't a OS on the computer yet. Can someone please help me out?

How to Dual-boot Linux and Windows (on a PC With Windows 7 Already Installed)

May 1, 1, 0 20, It's not legal to install an Apple OS on Windows Machine but it's legal to install Windows on an Apple machine provided that Windows copy complies to the Windows licensing agreement example OEM copy is linked to the the processor it's first installed on.

The answer i gave is the legal restrictions only not technical. Oct 24, 3, 0 23, First thing though you need to buy OSX if you have not already done so. You must log in or register to reply here. Failed to repair.

Benefits of Windows on a Mac

Please help. Windows 7 4 Oct 26, Post thread. Graphics Cards. Started by boriss Yesterday at AM Replies: PC Gaming. News comments. Save your changes, insert the media into the drive, and reboot. Next, select "Try Ubuntu without Installing". From here you can explore and get used to Ubuntu, as well as confirm that your network connections are working. If for some reason they do not work you cannot access the internet , please consult official Ubuntu documentation, as these settings may vary based on your system. Choose your installation language, then on the next screen check the box that says "Install this third-party software".

This software is necessary to use MP3s. From that point, follow the defaults in the install wizard. Be sure that when it asks you where you want to install Ubuntu, you select the option to install side-by-side with your other OS, using the free space available. Continue installing until you receive a message that your installation is complete. It may take a while to get to this point so please be patient. When it's down, shutdown your computer and remove the installation media.

When you boot back up, you should have a choice between Ubuntu Linux or Windows! If you changed the device boot order in the step six, you will need to repeat that process here. Set your BIOS boot order such that once again the hard drive is the primary boot device. Note that if you skip this step, your system will try to load an operating system from removable media before looking for Windows.

If there is not a disk in the drive, it should proceed to boot into Windows. Upon bootup, you will now see a choice between Windows and Ubuntu Linux. Go ahead and select Linux, and get yourself familiarized with this great OS. There is a ton of documentation available to help you get used to the difference between Windows and Linux. Lastly, if you decide to make Linux your primary operating system for daily use, you can set your system to boot into Ubuntu rather than Windows by default. Alternatively, to stay with the familiar Windows OS, the community offers a how-to for that as well. For any error or topic not covered in this guide, an answer can most likely be found in the forums.

How to Dual Boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 – A Complete Walkthrough - Next of Windows

Question 8 months ago on Introduction. I followed the instructions but was unable to find "shrink volume" in disk management by clicking the larger partition, both display or text. Can it be located somewhere else? Thank You falcon. Answer 8 months ago. Question 1 year ago. Hey guys, help! I've already done this and it works. But now I need urgently to reinstall Windows and I want Ubuntu to stay. How to do that?

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and macOS Sierra on PC - Hackintosh - Step By Step

This instructable worked for me mostly. Other than that, this instructable was very helpful! I followed the instructions and it works, I am somewhat computer savvy, the system that I placed Linux os on I built from scratch and had win 7 pro installed now both os's are operating well. Reply 2 years ago.

Mac uses the same architecture as an Intel PC so you'll have to be using a system with an Intel processor. Just search Instructables I'm sure they have a how to somewhere. Reply 3 years ago. Good job pal I did it many times in the past and everything went well for simple use. The troubles are when you need something "more" from your PC. This solution is excellent when you want an OS to surf the internet more secure because of Virus absence or at least minor presence Congrats for your efforts to build a white paper for the masses!!!!!

Best regards from Greece.

Preparations before Making a Dual Bootable (Win 10 & macOS) PC

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Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space

I Made It! Internet of Things Class. Answer Upvote.

Reply Upvote. I partitioned my Recovery Drive I thought it would work fine as I only had mb of space on my C drive I downloaded elementary OS as opposed to Ubuntu It went through everything fine except for installation It wouldn't accept my partition, as it wasnt "rooted" I need help! What do i do? JelleS2 2 years ago. So it didnt work for me, i could only boot into windows 7.