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You can add, edit, and remove rows, perform custom queries, and dump everything from tables to entire databases.

Set up MySQL on Mac OS X 10.11 - Tutorial [ENG]

After authenticating into your MySQL database through either a local or remote connection, users can manage their database during the session. While its feature set is not as robust as other clients, it is sufficient for most common tasks and some advanced database, table, and record operations. It is still in development and features continue to be added.

A Java version exists for compatibility with any system, but the project was abandoned in so Linux users would be best served to use Wine to run the Windows version. PhpMyAdmin allows for a wide range of operations, including database management, as well as table, field, relation, index, user, and permission changes. PhpMyAdmin is the brainchild of Tobias Ratschiller, founder of software company Maguma, and was started in making it one of the oldest PHP projects.

He abandoned it in and afterwards it became a community-supported project due to the fact that it had become one of the most powerful and popular PHP applications and MySQL administration tools. It was registered at SourceForge in where it has received community support ever since.

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From Devart, dbForge is not a completely free application, but there are three tiers: Express, Standard, and Professional. For non-commercial use, Express is a free application that provides basic functionality for working with MySQL. The paid Pro version provides additional features such as the report designer, query builder, and others. Sequel Pro is a free MySQL database management tool which allows performing all basic tasks such as adding, modifying, removing, browsing, and filtering databases, tables, and records, running queries, and more.

The Best MySQL Database Manager for Mac OS X? SequelPro Might Be It

I presented some information about various GUI tools designed for working with MySQL and facilitating your database development and management processes. These tools and their editions can be divided into two categories: free and paid. Your Name. I agree to Privacy Policy. About Latest Posts.

Getting perl's DBD::mysql module to install on Mac OS X

If a client gives you a CSV file with wacky columns or malformed data, you can easily clean it up Querious. Need to apply a regular expression replacement to all or just one column? You can! Need to join multiple columns together?

Not a problem! Need to split a single column into multiple columns? That's no problem either!

MySQL Query Browser for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET

Data security is a top priority and that's why Querious supports direct connections to MySQL over encrypted SSL channels, and also through SSH tunnels using password or key authentication right out of the box. Safe, secure, and convenient. Not only can you easily setup and use your database tables, but you can also create and tweak triggers, functions, procedures, views, and events with full visual editors.

Managing user privileges "by hand" can be a pain. With Querious, you can effortlessly see and understand the privileges set for each user. Add and remove database-, table-, and even column-level privileges by simply clicking on checkboxes.

Download Buy Now. About Querious Why Querious? What's New Version 3 Beta. The Start of Something Big Querious 2 makes working with your databases even easier. Need an easy way to customize your site? React is perfect for novice developers and experts alike. Table Content It begins with a solid foundation. Editors for Everything Fewer queries means greater efficiency.